….means by which we assimilate an experience, event, or series of incidents or occurrences. Our brain collects information and tries to make sense of it. In the short term, it can take 24 hours, as in how we process the days activity with dream and sleep. Or in the long term, possibly months or years, all the while experiencing the process of processing. The route can be clear or complicated, simple or difficult.

The creative process is similar. We can start a project with all hope of a beautiful end result, only to find a mess in front of us.

It is in the hammering away at it, the determined action of making it work that brings out the true inherent beauty of the piece.

A close friend of mind asserted that “there is no waste of time” in the creative process. Whatever direction we take, even though we eventually may abandon the path, is part of the process.

The ultimate reward is in the process itself, the tactile experience, the joy of creating something valuable from refuse.

This particular piece was one which took many hours of “work through”. The original texture was a charred mess. (Better known as a “hot mess” in Latino culture.)
Continued melting, scrubbing, sanding, repeat, revealed an engaging silver pattern. Further “processing” by means of multicolored layers of patina finally resulted in this highly favored necklace.

Worth the work?  Worth the struggle?  Worth the pain?  …..I think so.

Karen Olson

Karen Olson is a photographer, writer, and artist working in metal. Her blogs offer a global perspective, a celebration of art and culture. She 'lives like a tourist' in Midcoast Maine where she makes...