BELFAST, Maine — Flickering power outages that began Monday morning in downtown Belfast and lasted into the afternoon affected about 1,000 customers, including businesses.

One affected business was the Bay Wrap, where owner Charlie Laurel said in the early afternoon that the 10 or so intermittent power outages were not good for his expensive espresso and steamer machines.

“Who’s going to pay for my espresso machine, if it shorts out?” he asked.

John Carroll of CMP said that the utility had a problem with a recloser, a device that works like a switch on the electrical system. In addition to the 1,000 customers with flickering outages, 84 residents were left entirely without power for several hours while CMP crews worked to fix the problem.

An automated message from CMP urged customers to unplug sensitive equipment, such as flat-screen televisions and computers. To reach the electrical utility, call 800-696-1000.