You know you’re in Maine when … an angry moose makes the front page of the newspaper. Here in Maine, we care about wildlife. After all, the moose-to-people ratio (an estimated 60,000-70,000 to 1.3 million) is quite high. We also truly care about outdoor competitions, such as canoe races — something that also made the front page this week. Spring is here and it’s a busy time for the great Maine outdoors.

— Aislinn

‘Oh my God, we are dead meat’: NH snowmobilers face off with Maine moose

It’s not uncommon for moose to use snowmobile trails. And most of the time, it’s not a problem. But this tale certainly proves that you should exercise some caution if you find yourself in close proximity to one. They’re wild animals, after all.

‘He’s ugly, but he deserves to live’: Turkey vulture rescued after being stuck in tree for 28 hours

Turkey vultures are about the ugliest birds I’ve ever laid eyes on. Once, while hiking up Megunticook Mountain in Camden, I came across a turkey vulture sitting in a tree near the trail; it scared the bejesus out of me. But if I found myself in this situation, I think I’d try to save the bird, too.

Cochrane captures Kenduskeag Race division with daughter 40 years after winning with dad

This year, the water was running so high on the Kenduskeag Stream that the finish line had to be moved upstream because paddlers simply couldn’t fit under the bridges of downtown Bangor. Hear about the race and one father-daughter team who took home gold — a bit of a family tradition.

Blog log

Your best defense against Lyme disease is a plastic spoon

George Smith, George’s Outdoor News

“You need to take ticks seriously. There are 14 different ticks in Maine. Dog and moose ticks are large. The other 12 are tiny and very similar.”

Feathery Friends

Rianne Ackley, Life as a Warden Wife

“This past week we have seen significant bird activity here in the North Woods. After the arrival of a few new faces, I started to search feeder ideas on Pinterest.”

The Importance of Adventure why you should get yourself and your family outside.

Jon Tierney, Rock Talk

“Twelve good reasons to send your son, your daughter or yourself out to climb the mountains, paddle the rivers, sail the sea or crawl through the caves.”

On the horizon

This year, the spring wild turkey hunting season begins on April 28 and lasts until May 31, and the Youth Spring Wild Turkey Hunting Day is April 26. We’ll be sharing stories from turkey hunters throughout Maine. We may even have some stories of our own to tell.

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