HARPSWELL, Maine — Harpswell officials are moving forward with plans to demolish an unused maintenance building at Mitchell Field.

The 1,770-square-foot cinder-block building is one of several remaining in the park, remnants of its past as a U.S. Navy fuel depot.

At the May 1 meeting, the Board of Selectmen unanimously approved a bid request form for contractors to tear down the building and remove debris. Demolition will include disconnecting the building’s underground electrical, plumbing and water supplies.

Voters in March approved spending $25,000 for building demolition at the park.

According to Deputy Town Administrator Terri Sawyer, most of the buildings that remain are empty and unused. The maintenance building, as it is known, is in especially poor condition and has been the target of vandalism for several years, Sawyer said.

The building is one of three along the shoreline, near the park’s dilapidated pier, which is blocked off because of safety concerns. The three buildings border two areas the town hopes to convert into marine business zones, part of a master plan to redevelop the park adopted by voters in 2007.

Contractors interested in the project will have the opportunity to tour the site with Code Enforcement Officer William Wells on May 14. Bids are due back to the town on May 23.

The Navy closed the fuel depot in 1992, and Harpswell acquired the 119-acre plot from the federal government in 2001.