As a blogger with a huge ego I spend my posts talking about my life as a father, and the relationship my son ad I share. This is where I get to have a voice. A place where I can showcase the funny moments and hard times that go along with parenting. I can be helpful and serious here. I can also be silly and creative. This is my space to share with the world my love for my child.

Of course I am not an island, and I can’t do this alone.

In truth this blog and much of my life could not exist without the support of my wonderful wife. She selflessly raises our child while I pursue my own personal and career goals.

Not only does she share the bulk of raising our son, she is doing a bang up job. I have a happy, healthy, smart and active son. He likes to read and learn, explore and play sports, do art projects and go on adventures.

She shows him how to do things for himself while asking for help when he needs it. She teaches him how to be strong yet sweet, funny yet serious. My son is involved in gymnastics and soccer, swimming and story time. When I come home at night my son is always ready to talk to me about the many adventures he has each day with mom.

As hard as I may try, I am not a substitute for mom, and though my son loves time with daddy, mom is his first love.

I’m proud of the strong woman my wife is, and thankful to her for all of her hard work building and caring for our family. She saves us in ways that words in a blog simply can not describe.

So to my wife, mother of our son, thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

Take the time this weekend to thank the mothers in your world. Be sure to let them know how truly amazing they are.

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