ROCKLAND, Maine — A judge has ordered a woman charged with embezzling money from two restaurants to pay the owner more than $87,000 in damages.

But the owner of the restaurants said she does not expect to get any of the money.

Justice Jeffrey Hjelm issued an order Friday in Knox County Superior Court that found in favor of Lynn Archer, the owner of Rockland restaurants the Brass Compass Cafe and Archer’s on the Pier. Archer had sued her former bookkeeper Melanie L. Allen, 39, of Union, to recover money she said Allen had embezzled.

Allen was arrested Oct. 23 by Rockland police and charged with felony theft and felony forgery. She pleaded not guilty to the charges but is scheduled to change her pleas at a hearing on June 23, according to the court.

Allen forged checks and took cash from the Brass Compass Cafe and Archer’s restaurant starting in January 2013 and continuing through October, according to court documents filed in the civil lawsuit.

Allen did not appear for Thursday’s hearing in the civil case. On Friday, Hjelm ordered Allen to pay Archer $47,520 for the restaurant thefts. In addition, the judge ruled that because the evidence showed Allen acted with actual or implied malice, Archer was entitled to $40,000 in punitive damages from Allen.

Archer said Monday that she expected to win the civil case but does not expect to get any money since Allen owns no property and was not likely to be hired by anyone again as a bookkeeper.

The theft from her businesses has caused difficulties, Archer said, adding that she had to take out a loan to keep people employed this past winter and that she had to work far more hours than she wanted to in order to keep the businesses going. Nearly 50 people are employed at her two restaurants.

“We made it through the winter and I have faith that now that summer is here, things will get better,” Archer said.

Archer said the harm went beyond the financial.

“The betrayal of trust for someone who had worked for me for 11 years was difficult to accept,” Archer said.

Archer was represented in her lawsuit against Allen by attorney Robert Rubin.

She said that she has been informed by the district attorney’s office that it is recommending Allen be sentenced to five years in jail with all but nine months suspended, followed by three years of probation.