Word of the week: No doubt about it, it’s “eagles.” BDN staffer Judy Harrison started us off on Sunday when she told the tale of an eagle was found on a downtown sidewalk, sick. The next day, I picked up the ball and ran with it when we learned that another eagle — the first bird’s mate — had been electrocuted. Then, while tracking that story, I learned that a rescue effort was under way at the nest site. Two eaglets were plucked from that nest, and joined their mom at Avian Haven. Not what I expected to be covering this week, but you know what? That’s what makes this job great: No day’s like another.

— John Holyoke

Baby eagles rescued from Bangor nest

The plot thickens: A day after one eagle was found, sickened, and another flew into power lines and electrocuted, the story takes a pleasant turn when two eaglets are found and rescued.

Eagle rescued from Bangor sidewalk

Here’s Judy Harrison’s first-day account of the developing story.

Eagle rescue was an impressive operation

Here’s the final word (for now) about the rescue effort. Or, if you prefer, you can subtitle this: “Why is that crazy man 90 feet up in a tree?”

State reduces number of moose permits by nearly 25 percent

Citing the severe effects of winter ticks on the state’s moose herd, the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife reduced permit numbers by an unprecedented amount for this year’s hunt.

Blog log

Life of a Warden Wife: Moose lies down for a cat nap

On a beautiful day for a stroll, Rianne and the boys find a moose that has an interesting way of licking the salt off a nearby dirt road.

Act Out with Aislinn: My first hunt, Part 1: ‘You’ll hear turkeys in your sleep”

“In the soft light of sunrise, fog rolled off the hills. Birdsong filled the fields and a cool mist floated in the still air. ‘It’s hard to wake up so early, but it sure is pretty,’ I said to my father as we descended into the fields behind his farmhouse.”

On the horizon

Critter stories abound, and we can’t wait to share them with you. We’ll surely hear more about Aislinn’s turkey-hunting efforts. We’ll continue to follow the progress of the recovering eagles. And John is tracking two stories that he’s sure you’ll love: A wild turkey swimming in the ocean, and a follow-up (with photos) of the four bears that were discovered in an Orono hollow tree back in March.

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