NEW GLOUCESTER, Maine — A New Gloucester man says he’s being wrongly accused of threatening town officials and keeping a “kill list.”

Frank Staton Jr. puts his opinions about his town officials on a massive sign on his front lawn for everyone to see.

He admitted he doesn’t like certain people in his hometown, but said the accusations printed in a local paper Wednesday have taken things way too far.

Staton is accused of threatening town officials and keeping their names on a kill list.

He said the allegations are false and alarming.

“You’re waking up one day with a regular life going on, and the next thing you know it’s upside down,” Staton told CBS13 News.

Town officials are quoted warning others about Staton and his alleged threats.

Staton said he’s never had violent intentions but does admit to writing “vulgar” emails expressing his concerns about certain town officials and calling for their resignations.

“That’s my opinion and the last time I knew, that flag up there meant something, that I could voice that opinion,” Staton said. “I have never threatened anybody.”

He said the allegations are enough for him to post another sign. It reads: “House for Sale.”

Staton and his girlfriend are leaving town.

“We are going to move now because there’s no use in staying here,” Staton said. “I have a construction business and they’re not going to hire me now. They think I have a kill list. That’s not who I am. I am not a bad guy. I am not out to hurt anyone.”

There are no charges against Staton, but the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

Town manager Paul First issued a statement to CBS 13 regarding Staton on Thursday afternoon.

“New Gloucester is a peaceful community. These incidents are unfortunate,” First said. “Town officials are doing their best to take the threats seriously, but [will] not let this distract us from the business of serving the town.

“Documentation of past incidents includes a 2012 letter from a Maine state official, in which Mr. Staton is quoted as saying that a certain town official is, quote, ‘on my kill list.’

“Unfortunately, over the course of the past 6 or 7 years, Mr. Staton has threatened many of the town officials in our community. In recent weeks town officials have received renewed threats. To protect the privacy of individuals that have received the threats and respect the ongoing investigation of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, they have not been released to the public at this time.”

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