DALLAS — A Colt Frontier six-shooter revolver and grizzly bear claw necklace that once belonged to legendary Wild West figure Buffalo Bill Cody sold at auction in Dallas for $40,625 each, Heritage Auctions said Monday.

The necklace, made with 10 grizzly bear claws, was given to Cody in the 1880s by Sioux chief Sitting Bull. It was among 400 items of Old West collectibles sold by Heritage Auctions on Saturday in Dallas, it said.

“The auctions show the public is still fascinated by Cody and the American Wild West,” said Tom Slater of Heritage.

An American soldier and hunter, Cody rose to fame with his Wild West stage shows. Sitting Bull appeared in Cody’s shows in 1885 and the two men were friends, according to Slater.

The Colt revolver was part of Cody’s personal collection. It was believed that Cody purchased the revolver from New York City firearms seller Hartley & Graham and used it as a prop in his stage shows, Slater said.