Salem, N.H. — A New England family is accused of punching and kicking police officers after they were turned away from a New Hampshire amusement park Monday.

The six family members from Vermont tried to go to Canobie Lake Park in Salem, but some of them had knives on their belts and were told they couldn’t bring them in.

Witnesses say the family became belligerent.

Chaos erupted after two officers responded.

“They were jumping on officers’ backs,” Deputy Chief Shawn Patten of the Salem Police Department said. “One officer was kicked in the head. They were punching and scratching. It was a melee.”

Police say the family even tried to unsuccessfully grab an officer’s gun from its holster.

Police also say the mother in the group faked a seizure as officers hauled off her husband and sons. She was not arrested.

One officer suffered a separated shoulder, while a second suffered cuts and scrapes.

Alan Perry, 45, was charged with assault. Joshua Perry, 23, was charged with resisting arrest with serious injury. His brother, Brian Perry, 18, was charged with simple assault on a police officer. Ashley Perry, 20, and Damian Perry, 18, were both charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing, police told the Boston Globe.

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