PORTLAND, Maine — Over the last four months, Cumberland County sheriff’s deputies have been notified of several scam attempts in Greater Portland.

According to Sheriff Kevin Joyce, callers claim that the victim has missed serving on the county’s grand jury and as a result there is a warrant for his or her arrest.

In March, two individuals received phone calls from somebody claiming to be a lieutenant with the sheriff’s office advising there was a warrant for failing to appear for grand jury in February, Joyce said.

The caller advised the victims that they could pay $475 and avoid arrest, and told the victims to go to Walgreens and get a voucher.

In May, two similar calls were made but on those occasions, the legitimate rank and name of a sheriff’s office employee was mentioned, according to Joyce.

On Tuesday, two more people complained that they had received phone calls from an individual claiming to be Chief Deputy Naldo Gagnon seeking payment in lieu of a warrant for failing to appear for grand jury.

“The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office does not typically get involved with issues surrounding failing to appear at grand jury,” Joyce said. “We surely don’t suggest to citizens that they can avoid an arrest warrant by paying money to our deputies.”

Joyce said if anybody receives similar calls, they should hang up and confirm the legitimacy of the reason for the call through the court.

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