NEW YORK — Two Amish sisters who were abducted from their family farm stand near New York’s border with Canada were found alive following a massive day-long hunt on Thursday, the county district attorney said.

The girls, 12-year-old Fannie Miller and 6-year-old Delila Miller, were returned home in good health following their disappearance on Wednesday night, said St. Lawrence County District Attorney Mary Rain.

Rain said the girls’ captor dropped them off in front of a stranger’s home in the hamlet of Bigelow, then fled. The man living inside recognized the pair as the missing girls and drove them back to their family farm stand in the rural Amish community of Oswegatchie, some 10 miles from the Canada border, she said.

“We were just elated that they showed up at home. It was shocking that their captor or captors just dropped them off, and away they went,” Rain said.

“Now we start the work of finding out who did this,” she said.

The Amish, who live throughout the United States, with the nation’s largest community in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, are known for their old world ways. Shunning electricity and other modern conveniences, they drive horse-drawn buggies.