Common sense vote

I recently noticed new political signs. The signs say, “Trust your wildlife biologist.” The signs encourage you to vote no on the upcoming bear hunting referendum.

I haven’t trusted our state biologists since one told me that a moose calf has no problem surviving its first winter without its mother. We’re talking about a 6-month-old animal that has never seen snow.

I strongly suspect that our wildlife biologists are not free to give their real opinion about the bear population and baiting, but they are instead told what their public opinion will be. If they value their

job, they will do what they are told.

I don’t believe we have too many bears or that they cause an unusual number of problems. A bear ripping down a bird feeder is not worthy of news coverage. Get rid of the food source, and the bear will leave. I’ve lived in two areas of the state with large bear populations, had livestock in both places and I’ve never had a problem.

It is wrong to bait an animal with sugary junk food for a month and then shoot it. We don’t allow deer hunters to bait. Bear cubs stay with their mother for about 18 months. The cubs may only be 7 months old when the mother is killed. Like the moose calf, they will starve to


I am again voting to outlaw bear baiting. I hope you will use common sense and fair play when you cast your vote.

Donna J. Runnels


Professional images?

My profession keeps me working in the community and rarely at my office. However, I recently pulled into Evergreen Woods on Mount Hope Avenue to be greeted by pro-life protesters.

Signs reading “Don’t kill me today, mommy” and depicting women recovering from botched abortions — probably — 30 years ago caught my attention as the woman holding the sign smiled and waved. The Evergreen Woods is not only home to the Mabel Wadsworth Clinic but also home to nursery schools, doctors, therapists and many other professional offices.

My question is, how can these protesters justify subjecting everyone who enters the complex — including children — to language and images such as this?

Sally Snow

Old Town

Festival fun

My wife and I just returned from three great days of sun and music at the American Folk Festival.

We wanted to thank all of Bangor for the warm welcome, lovely weather, amazing food and fun. We decided at the last minute to make the eight hour drive and check out the festival. It turned out to be the highlight of our summer. See you next year.

Peter and Donna McKenna

Smiths Falls, Ontario Canada

Holding the bag

Our quarry went down from having 50 years to just about five years of life span. All this while the town keeps losing money.

The City Council decided not only that pay per bag is best, but it also decided that single-stream recycling is the way to go.

The council never consulted the people. What is the rush? Who is pushing for this change? How can the council craft long-term policies without taking into consideration the will of the people?

Single-stream recycling is just another “recycling” process that does not deliver as promised. It cannot sort as efficiently as source sorting. Single-stream recycling uses large amounts of energy and ends up with larger amounts of mixed materials that have to be sold at lower prices or that have to be disposed off in landfills.

Does the council know that single-stream recycling is practically nonexistent in Europe, and starting next year it will be illegal (EU Waste Management Directive 2008/98)?

Is the council interested in reducing waste? What about an education campaign followed by enforcement? Or is the council just interested in another revenue stream — on top of an already high mill rate?

I call to my fellow residents of Rockland to let the council know the time has come for them to stop making rash decisions that solve nothing but that result in us, the residents of Rockland, being the ones holding the bag — albeit it being filled with recyclables.

David E Myslabodski


Green Maine?

After I visited a friend in a “spic-and-span” hospital, I walked through the parking lot only to discover hundreds, if not thousands, of waste cigarette butts thrown among the rose bushes.

Who are these wholehearted people who disrespect the earth by discarding cigarette filters onto the planet earth?

Every time a new wind energy product is fastened to the earth, the environmentalists shout with joy. The only thing green is the color of extra money the electric companies will collect.

What’s with the monster pickup trucks? It seems like a quarter of new vehicles purchased are trucks. These bigger trucks are getting over 30 miles per gallon? They’re green because many business owners deduct them on the income forms.

What’s with our green lawns? How much carbon do gasoline mowers without pollution controls create? One way to save energy is to create great “grandmother’s flower gardens” around and about these green lawns.

Bill Clinton wrote a book called “Back to Work.” He designed a program on how to make millions of older homes highly efficient and it would not cost the owners a single penny. Had this program started, thousands of tradesmen would have been put to work. The homeowner would pay the same heating bill as previous years, even if there were $1,000 to $2,000 in savings. The savings would pay off the low interest loans of retrofitting. It’s like $0-0-0 costs. What? Not a single green person in Maine read the book?

Robert Fournier


Bellows alternative

Sen. Susan Collins and her colleague Sen. Angus King have supported Israel in its relentless, violent military assault on the Palestinian people where babies, children and innocent women and men have been killed and continue to be killed. Therefore, Collins and King are complicit in the killing of babies and children and adults.

Collins supported the Bush-Cheney disastrous war in Iraq, which is responsible for the violent, murderous mess that is in Iraq today. I never heard Collins or King condemn the U.S. government support for the murderous military junta that is in charge in Egypt — the same military junta that has jailed professional journalists and protesters.

There is an alternative: Shenna Bellows is running against Collins. An extremely bright, experienced woman who can work with various factions to come to sensible solutions and who came from humble beginnings on Mount Desert Island, Shenna Bellows graduated from Middlebury College and has worked hard in Washington, D.C., and in Maine for many years to protect all of our liberties and human rights. Bellows deserves all of our support, no matter what political party affiliation we might have. Bellows would represent all people of Maine — rich, poor and everyone in between — in the U.S. Senate in a way that would make us all proud. I feel 100 percent positive that she would steer clear from all the corruption in Congress and would not support the corrupt policies listed above.

Brian Pulling