Vote Weston

As a retired law enforcement officer, taxpayer and former resident of Bangor, I would like to endorse Cary Weston for state Senate. Weston has shown exemplary service to the city of Bangor. He has proven to be a good leader who isn’t afraid to ask tough questions and is concerned with the safety of the community and for the future for all the citizens of Hermon and Bangor.

He is a good family man who knows the needs of families, as he is raising three great kids. If you live in Hermon or Bangor, please consider voting for Weston as your next state senator.

David Melochick


Vote Poliquin

I don’t live in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, but I wish I could vote there. Because voters there can send someone to the U.S. House of Representatives in November who may be the best first-time congressional candidate in the entire country. I’m talking about Bruce Poliquin.

Over the past five years, we’ve all learned that when government gets too big, it becomes oppressive and costly. Overgrown government serves itself, instead of serving us citizens. Let’s reverse this nonsense in Washington. We can force the federal government to return to serving its citizens’ needs, by downsizing it. Intentional shrinkage of the federal government’s activities would be an excellent way to correct its sloppiness and selfishness.

That downsizing will require patience, perseverance, intelligent work and compassionate support for the needs of our fellow Americans who are truly unable to fend for themselves. These qualities are Bruce Poliquin’s proven strengths. We saw that in his service as Maine’s state treasurer, from his determination to improve the efficiency of the Maine State Housing Authority to his expert guidance in strengthening the credit ratings of Maine bonds, which helped to reduce our long-term borrowing costs.

I hope the voters in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District decide to send a compassionate, hard-working and highly skilled professional to Washington, to tackle the job of returning the work of Congress to the service of your best interests. Vote for Poliquin in November.

James Clingensmith


Read Tipping’s book

Every voter in Maine should read Mike Tipping’s “As Maine Went: Governor Paul LePage and the Tea Party Takeover of Maine.” Every chapter is a damning critique of everything LePage has done during the four years he has been running this state. From the environment and education and health care, to taxes and budgets and public assistance and labor — everything has been made worse by our governor.

Jane Sanford


Vote Yes on 1

At the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, we support the Yes on 1 campaign to prohibit bear baiting, hounding and trapping because we care deeply about the welfare of all animals. Our founder, Gov. Percival Baxter, believed Maine’s wildlife shouldn’t be wantonly destroyed for recreation or entertainment.

This initiative provides overdue protections for bears and addresses significant concerns for dogs used in hounding.

The league has seen its fair share of “stray” and “owner surrendered” dogs during and after hounding season. In our experience, hounding dogs are often treated more as tools or hunting equipment than family companions, resulting in behavioral problems making them more difficult to place than other dogs. Treating these dogs as disposable strains shelters.

Hounding is unsporting and cruel for bears and hounds. Having packs of dogs chase down bears creates welfare issues for both species. After hours of chase, the bear takes refuge in a tree until the houndsmen arrive to shoot at close range. If the bear can’t make it up a tree, the bear may confront the dogs, resulting in serious injuries or death. Non-target animals can get caught up in the chase and mother bears may be separated from dependent cubs.

In Maine, we don’t bait moose or deer — that’s not fair chase. Hunting bears should be as challenging as hunting any other wild animal.

Patsy Murphy

Animal Welfare League of Greater Portland


Orono problems

I feel some people in Orono are scapegoating college students. The decline in families living in Orono is not the result of students renting housing. It’s the result of a poor economy that leads families to go elsewhere.

What is there to bring families to Orono? The answer is not much. Apart from the university, there is little here. The town’s inability to improve the economy should not be blamed on students renting.

If the town forbids, by ordinance, student rentals, what will likely happen as a result of this lost income for property owners is a spike in foreclosures, tax sales and abandonment of real estate. These homes will not magically be occupied by families if they can’t be rented out.

If some in the town do not want to see inebriated people walking the streets near bars, the town should not have allowed so many bars to be opened in the first place. The local leaders have themselves to blame for the town’s problems.

Casey Jennings


Unpaid taxes not news

Why all the sudden interest by the BDN in delinquent taxes owed to communities in our area?

Harris Golf on Wednesday, Old Town Fuel and Fiber Thursday. Is the BDN hurting for news and needs to fill space with more gloom and doom stories similar to the Great Northern Paper Co. debt to East Millinocket?

Pick up any town report and look at the taxes owed our communities by companies and residents, if it’s shock appeal you’re looking for. Is that what we have to look forward to next?

Focus on some positive newsworthy items.

Gilbert Coffin


Re-elect Gratwick

As a small business owner who appreciates a clean and healthy environment, I have been impressed with Sen. Geoff Gratwick’s work on the Environment and Natural Resources Committee, as he balances the impact of economic development against the need to protect Maine’s clean air and water. He not only listens carefully to all sides but takes the time to ask questions about technical details and the possible environmental and economic consequences of proposed legislation.

As a citizen concerned about our future on this planet, I appreciate having an experienced physician, trained in matters such as organic chemistry and toxicity, working on the laws my state enacts. Because it is important to keep experienced, knowledgeable people in our state government, let’s all vote to re-elect Gatwick.

Bob Kelly