PORTLAND, Maine — The parade of accolades for Portland continued Wednesday, when Congress Street, the street where most of the city’s parades kick off, earned national honors.

The American Planning Association on Wednesday named Congress Street, which runs through Portland’s downtown, among its 10 Great Places in America: Streets for 2014.

The APA annually picks 10 streets that reflect a true sense of place, cultural and historical interest, community involvement and a vision for the community’s future. This year’s list included prominent streets, such as Broadway in New York City and Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.

During a news conference Wednesday to announce the APA designation, Mayor Michael Brennan spoke about the evolution of main streets in America and how Congress Street continued to grow while managing to stay grounded and local.

“We have, through a conscious effort in the city of Portland, survived transition over the years, and we now have a Congress Street that’s thriving and growing,” Brennan said. “For those of us who have lived in Portland for a long time, we’ve seen Congress Street go through any number of different evolutions and ups and downs. But what’s important is that we’ve made it through.”

Congress Street was chosen as one of the APA’s top streets in 2014 for its varied architecture, with buildings dating back to the 18th century, its dedication to arts and culture and its notable public events that include the First Friday Artwalk and regular farmers markets.

“Recognizing these special places highlights the role planning plays in adding value to communities,” William Anderson, president of APA, said in a prepared statement issued Wednesday morning. “Planners, working with others, help build better communities in a variety of settings, from urban to rural; the result — better neighborhoods, cities, and regions. We applaud these efforts and congratulate this year’s designees.”

According to Carl Eppich, city planner and president of APA’s Northern New England chapter, a great city or street is reflective of the people who work there.

“I wasn’t really surprised by this designation, but I was really pleased and excited for my colleagues here in the city,” Eppich said. “With planning destinations like great streets, they don’t happen by accident.”

“This is exciting for the city of Portland to be recognized nationally for one of our most prominent streets and especially for city staff in our planning department, who work so hard everyday to improve our streets,” Sheila Hill-Christian, acting city manager, said.

Brennan went on to outline some of the work the city’s planning and urban development department has done over the years and extended his praise to city workers, residents and businesses.

“These things do not come simply by happenstance,” Brennan said. “It’s because of a lot of decisions made by citizens of Portland, local businesses and people who work for the city of Portland to ensure that a transition has occurred and that we now have a street that we can be proud of.”