New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady acknowledged Wednesday his team’s offensive struggles this season have been going on far too long and there is no quick fix.

Brady was pulled in the fourth quarter of Monday night’s 41-14 blowout loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Patriots’ offense turned over the ball three times against the Chiefs and is ranked 23rd in the NFL in total yardage this season.

“That’s obviously going to reflect in every statistic that you can find, that we don’t have the kind of offense that’s going to perform at a high level,” Brady said Wednesday morning in his weekly interview on Boston sports radio station WEEI 93.7 FM. “Everyone’s connected. It all ties together. If we’re not playing well, we’re not going to have good stats.

“I don’t think we’ve played well for a long time.”

Brady finished the game 14-for-23 for 159 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions. His last pass, an interception to Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah was returned for a touchdown, ended the quarterback’s night early in the fourth quarter.

New England’s offensive line so far this season has not given Brady enough time to throw.

“There is no magic play, there’s no magic scheme,” Brady said. “It is us as players playing better — a lot better than we’re playing.”

At his Wednesday news conference, coach Bill Belichick was asked about the Patriots’ offensive struggles.

“We are on to Cincinnati,” he said.

Belichick was then asked about the 37-year-old Brady’s age.

“We are on to Cincinnati. There’s nothing about the past, nothing about the future. Right now we are preparing for Cincinnati.”

The Pats host the undefeated Bengals on Sunday night.

Brady told WEEI he wasn’t going to overanalyze Belichick’s decision to replace him with rookie Jimmy Garoppolo in the fourth quarter when the game was out of reach.

“I just do what I’m told,” Brady said. “We were getting our butts kicked. So it was a situation where we didn’t have a good game, and that’s what Coach (Belichick) wanted us to do and that’s what we did.”

Garoppolo went 6-for-7 for 70 yards and a touchdown pass to tight end Rob Gronkowski. Cameras showed Brady did not approach Garoppolo to congratulate him.

“I’m really not (aware of the cameras),” Brady said when asked about the criticism he has taken for not high-fiving Garoppolo. “When we lose there’s really not a lot — even when we win, I think it’s just important to not ride the roller coaster of emotions. You have to believe in your process. You have to believe in the things that you are doing to help the team win. I think you have to take the good with the bad.

“I was happy for Jimmy. I was happy for our team. We kept fighting at the end. That’s a good thing. The more good players we have, the better we will be as a team. So, I didn’t pay attention to any of those things. I was obviously disappointed that the outcome of the game was what it was. It’s been very frustrating all season the way that we have performed offensively. But we are trying to figure it out to become a better offense.”

Brady will need some help if the Patriots’ offense is going to produce its customary numbers.

New England was unable to mount much of a running game against Kansas City, managing to top 10 yards on just one run out of 16. The passing attack was Brady to wide receiver Brandon LaFell (six catches, 119 yards and a touchdown), and that was it. Other Patriots receivers caught just four passes for 23 yards. Gronkowski only had two catches for 31 yards.