An Ohio man was trapped and killed at a bowling alley near Cincinnati when his clothing got caught in a pin-setting machine that he was repairing and he was pulled into the mechanism, police said on Friday.

David Geiger, 53, was pronounced dead on Thursday at the Northwest Lanes bowling alley in Fairfield, Ohio, authorities said.

“It appears he was trying to release a stuck ball and a piece of clothing got caught on one of the moving parts and essentially pulled him into the mechanism,” Fairfield Police Chief Michael Dickey said.

Geiger, an experienced bowling alley maintenance worker, may have been trapped for up to eight minutes before a manager found him and called authorities, Dickey said. No customers saw the incident, Dickey added.

“Nothing we have seen so far, in the early stages of the investigation, would lead us to believe there will be criminal sanctions,” said Bill Wilkerson, the Cincinnati area director of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The alley closed for the day on Thursday after the incident, but re-opened on Friday.