RUMFORD, Maine — Two missing children have been returned to the Maine Department of Health and Human Services after their mother dropped them off with a foster family in Lewiston.

Sgt. Doug Maifeld said Sunday morning that Kylee Morin was turned over to a DHHS caseworker after Elsa Konopka, 22, brought her daughter to her former foster family in Lewiston. DHHS is Morin’s legal guardian.

According to the Sun Journal, Konopka took her 1-year-old son, Shawn, to the foster family later on Sunday.

Maifeld told the Sun Journal that the case is closed, and that the district attorney will decide whether Konopka will face any charges.

Maifeld thanked the public for its help after Rumford police said they were looking for Morin on Saturday. But he said Morin’s former foster family was unaware of media coverage about the search.

Konopka has had Kylee since June under an arrangement with DHHS. Maifeld said up until now, Konopka has shown responsibility with her daughter. A scheduled welfare check with DHHS was postponed last week, but Konopka did not show up for a rescheduled check on Thursday. Maifeld said the state has had a hard time contacting Konopka, doing so by text message on Wednesday.