An Atlanta family was saved by its dog when the German Shepherd jumped up and took gunfire directed at their car during a road rage incident between the occupants of two other vehicles, police said Monday.

The dog, named Noah, was sitting on the passenger seat of the family’s Chevrolet Suburban on Friday when the vehicle was peppered with bullets, and after being wounded, it leapt out of the window and chased the car that was the source of the gunfire, according to a police report.

No arrests have been made after the incident, which began when “fighting words” were exchanged between the driver of a Ford Taurus and a passenger in a second vehicle, according to the police report. After the passenger left his vehicle to continue the argument, the driver of the Taurus began “shooting instantly,” hitting the Suburban and nearby businesses.

Neither the driver of the Suburban, Diondra Page of Douglassville, Georgia, nor her three children sitting in the back seat, were hit.

“Noah jumped in front of [Page] preventing her from being wounded as the bullets came through,” the Atlanta police report said.

The woman and her husband, who was in a store at the time of the shooting, told police that Noah was “a highly trained canine as he saved the family by taking the bullets” and then chased the Taurus until he couldn’t go any further, according to the report.

Noah died of his wounds during the chase, in the backyard of a house near the mall, the report said.