WISCASSET, Maine — Police are looking for a Wiscasset man who allegedly eluded apprehension following a high-speed pursuit Tuesday morning.

Glenn Lewis, 58, is wanted on charges of felony eluding police, criminal speed and improper attachment of plates. Additional charges are likely, Wiscasset Police Chief Troy Cline said.

Cline said he identified Lewis as the operator of a black Ford sedan Cline saw as he entered Route 27 from Dorr Road at about 8:40 a.m. Tuesday.

Cline said he saw the car make an unsafe pass and noticed there was no license plate or inspection sticker on the front of the vehicle. He pursued the car onto Blinn Hill Road, where Lewis allegedly slammed on the brakes and struck the curb, Cline said.

Thinking the chase had ended, Cline pulled up to the sedan, at which point he allegedly identified Lewis, who he knows through previous interactions.

But Lewis backed away from the curb and continued down Blinn Hill Road onto Bog Road in Dresden, where Cline said he chose to stop pursuing the car, given the road conditions and his confidence that he had identified Lewis.

Cline declined to say what speeds were reached during the pursuit.

Cline asks anyone with any information about Lewis or who knows his whereabouts to call the Lincoln County Communications Center in Wiscasset at 882-7332.