PORTLAND, Maine — Four siblings have been indicted by the Cumberland County grand jury after an October brawl at the Riverton housing complex.

Mohamed Sharif, 20, and his sisters, Miski Sharif, 24; Sadiyo Sharif, 22; and Sahro Sharif, 21, all of Portland, face charges including Class A felony burglary, Class C felony criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, and misdemeanor counts of criminal use of a disabling chemical and assault, according to a list of Cumberland County indictments released Monday.

The Oct. 13 incident stems “basically from a beef between two girls” that escalated, Portland police Sgt. Dean Goodale said Monday.

Police went to the house on Spring Brook Way in the Riverton neighborhood at about 8 p.m. Oct. 13 for a report that a woman was threatening others in the house with a gun, according to Goodale. Pepper spray also had allegedly been used on at least one victim.

No one required medical treatment, Goodale said, and no arrests were made that day.

However, after a police investigation, Sahro Sharif was arrested and charged with Class A felony burglary and two counts of felony criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon.

Police issued criminal summonses to Miski Sharif and Sadiyo Sharif for Class A felony burglary and criminal use of a disabling chemical, a misdemeanor. Miski Sharif, Sadiyo Sharif and Mohamed Sharif also face Class A burglary and Class D assault charges.

No court dates were immediately available.