It’s always a pleasure to hear how a particular Maine Focus piece prompts someone to do something. You might remember the project we did in mid-January called My Maine Culture where people across the state sent in images and descriptions of what Maine means to them. We published 50 of them.

It turns out the project inspired a similar effort at the University of Maine. Joline Blais, who teaches in the new media program, asked her students to put together their own reflections of their Maine culture. You can see them here.

From lobstering, to growing up in Madawaska, to experiencing the state’s art scene, the students wrote fond accounts of their lives here.

With all the submissions we received, and with the UMaine students’ work, you feel such a strong sense of place. If you need a reminder of what’s great about Maine, look no further than these compilations.

Let’s end with student Kevin Boucher’s description of growing up in Madawaska:

“I loved my quiet little town. Traffic is never angering and everyone knows everyone so there are no mistakes. My best memories consist of going into the woods or biking around town with my siblings. Whether I was alone or not, nothing beat an escape from reality with a long walk in what seemed like the wilderness. This photo is a reminder of that part of my childhood, the beauty of being lost in the woods, even though I never got lost.”

madawaska woods
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Erin Rhoda

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