BANGOR, Maine — Home Depot announced Tuesday plans to hire about 450 part-time and temporary workers at its 11 stores throughout Maine.

“Spring is always our busiest selling season without a doubt,” said Coleman Fortin, Bangor store manager. “We have a lot of customers, especially in the northern parts of the United States that have a lot of pent-up demand.”

The local job openings are part of a Home Depot drive to hire 80,000 part-time and seasonal workers nationwide in preparation for spring.

In Maine, each store will be hiring about 40 workers, depending on need, Fortin said. At least some of those workers could move into full-time positions.

“We’re looking obviously for those part-time associates that fit in well,” Fortin said. “If they have an interest in staying with us for a longer period of time, there’s a possibility we would move them into a permanent full-time position as well.”

Those interested in applying should visit the Home Depot Careers website.

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