OXFORD, Maine — An Oxford woman is teaming up with a local shelter to try to save, and stem, an exploding feral cat colony.

Audrey Hewins said a 9-week-old kitten started visiting her trailer in the Oxford Pines Regency Mobile Home Park about three weeks ago.

Feeding one cat turned into several, and she realized they had a big problem.

Hewins said there’s an estimated 100 feral cats, some with frostbite and severe infections.

Hewins is trapping the cats and taking them to Responsible Pet Care in South Paris, where they’re getting treatment, as well as spayed or neutered.

“It’s amazing,” Hewins said. “This one alone is proof they’re not wild animals, they’re domestic. They love people and they need to be warm and have food. Anyone who has a cat knows that.”

Hewins said a lot of the cats are being tamed and will eventually up for adoption.

She said the effort is expensive. They could use monetary donations, plus litter, food and cages.

Donations can be made to Responsible Pet Care.