Connecticut officials have complained in recent weeks about the number of personal vehicles Connecticut residents have registered in Maine to avoid paying the property taxes they owe their cities and towns.

But it turns out, many more Maine-registered trailers than cars are from away — and Missouri is the most common out-of-state home.

Maine runs a brisk trailer-registration business that thrives from the same rules that make Maine an appealing auto registration destination. Namely, it’s cheaper and easier to register a trailer — from the boat trailer you two behind your car to fleets of commercial truck trailers — in Maine than in many other states. And there’s no requirement that the person or entity registering the trailer be based in Maine.

The Secretary of State’s office says trailer registrations bring in $6 million-$15 million annually for Maine’s Highway Fund.

There are 1.15 million trailers registered in Maine, and more than 354,000 — almost 31 percent — are registered to people and entities outside of Maine.

In 2013, Maine’s trailer practices attracted the ire of motor vehicle officials in Delaware, who said vehicles hauling Maine-registered trailers were responsible for a fifth of that state’s unpaid tolls in 2012 — $300,000 out of $1.5 million.

According to the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles, some 5,360 trailers registered in Maine are the property of Delaware people or entities, making Delaware the 16th most common legal home to Maine-registered trailers from out of state. Connecticut, with 7,757 Maine-registered trailers, ranks 14th.

The most common out-of-state home for trailers registered here in Maine? Missouri, with 76,801 Maine-registered rigs.

Check out the graphic above to find out which other states are responsible for Maine’s trailers from away. And here’s a top 10 list, compiled from data provided by the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

  1. Missouri: 76,801
  2. Maryland: 40,666
  3. New York: 36,123
  4. New Jersey: 31,829
  5. Massachusetts: 23,163
  6. Pennsylvania: 21,715
  7. Ohio: 14,627
  8. North Carolina: 14,376
  9. Michigan: 12,632
  10. Texas: 11,621