ROCKLAND, Maine — A well-known Rockland restaurant has been evicted from its home of the past five years.

The landlord also has filed a lawsuit seeking nearly $30,000 for back rent and damage he said occurred at the South Main Street building that Conte’s had occupied since February 2010. Building owner Robert Wiggin has asked the court to place an attachment on property that he maintains restaurant owner John Conte has a partial interest in on the Rockland waterfront.

Conte admitted in court paperwork that he owed rent but denied the claims of causing more than $7,000 in damage.

A hearing has not yet been scheduled on Wiggin’s request for an attachment of property — owned by Waterfront Group Inc. in which he said Conte owns 32 percent interest. The property is where the Pearl Restaurant is located.

A District Court judge in Rockland ruled in February in favor of Wiggin in his effort to evict Conte from 148 South Main St. The restaurant then was closed, and Wiggin retook possession of the property.

Paperwork filed in court stated that Conte owed nearly $17,000 in rent as of December 2014. Rent was $1,000 per month from December through May and $2,000 per month from June through November.

The lawsuit was filed earlier this month after Wiggin took possession of the building.

Conte’s restaurant had been located on the waterfront from the 1990s until it moved to South Main Street in 2010.

The restaurant gained a bit of a cult following. It had a cluttered look, with lobster traps and fishing nets outside. In 2002, the Rockland Harbor Management Commission sent a letter to the City Council complaining about what it said was the poor aesthetic appearance of the restaurant. Supporters of the restaurant spoke out, and the council ultimately approved the renewal of its liquor license.

Inside, Conte often used newspapers for tablecloths, and the menu would be written on butcher paper rolls and change depending on what fresh seafood was brought in that day.

Wiggin was represented in the eviction case by attorney Kelly Mellenthin of Lincolnville Center. Conte is being represented by attorney Christopher Harmon of Portland.

Efforts to contact Conte on Tuesday were unsuccessful.