MONMOUTH, Maine — Local police have been working throughout the day Wednesday seeking mental health treatment for a man who has a long history of mental illness, Monmouth police Officer Michael Parshall said.

The series of events began when officers received a call from the owner of Phil’s Soup and Variety on Route 202 indicating that a vehicle had blocked a gas pump for about an hour and a man was acting strange, according to Parshall.

“He wasn’t responsive to any of my general talking,” Parshall said.

The man, whose name was not released, eventually drove off and police followed him to his residence, Parshall said.

Officers used a Taser on the man in an attempt to subdue him upon arrival at the residence, Parshall said, and police let him go inside the house to help the man calm down.

“We tried to get him to cooperate and come with us,” said Parshall.

The man also tried to set a fire inside his home, but police were able to quickly reach inside the door and extinguish it, according to Parshall.

Parshall said police are currently working with counselors and family members to get the man the help that he needs.

The officer added the public is in no danger and deadly force has not been used.

Ryan McLaughlin

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