MAPLETON, Maine — The Maine Forest Service is investigating the illegal dumping of “hundreds of pounds” of illegal waste on a local resident’s property.

“This illegal dump was very large and well in excess of 500 pounds,” according to Forest Ranger Steve Wipperman, who is investigating the case. “It appeared that more than one load may have been hauled. This illegal dump occurred on private property, not far from the downtown Mapleton area.”

Most of the trash is discarded household items, said Wipperman, who started his investigation after being contacted March 11 by Mapleton Town Manager Jon Frederick.

“Items in this dump included mattresses and box springs, large amounts of clothing, blankets, furniture, books, household garbage and many other items,” Wipperman said.

Charges will be brought if the responsible party is located, he said.

“The individual or individuals responsible will face a large fine and clean-up costs, if convicted. There is also the potential for their drivers license to be suspended,” the ranger said.

Anyone with any information regarding this illegal dumping violation is encouraged to call Wipperman at 435-7963, ext. 1.