OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine — A train hit a vehicle in Old Orchard Beach early Thursday morning, injuring at least one person.

It happened around 1:00 a.m. at the train crossing on Union Avenue and First Street.

A dispatcher for Amtrak confirms it was an Amtrak Downeaster traveling north out of Boston in the last run of the night for the Downeaster.

Brian Lucht tells CBS 13 he witnessed the accident and says one person was ejected from the sport utility vehicle.

“There was nothing left to the back of the vehicle. When the train hit, it just pushed him like 75 feet, and the guy must have been thrown at least 25 to 35 feet,” Lucht said.

He also saw paramedics treating that man. “He was laying there. He was unconscious. He was breathing like really shallow,” Lucht said.

Police are not releasing any information about injuries at this hour. They are expected to release more information later this morning.

The scene was cleared around 4 a.m., and Amtrak says all of its morning trains are running on schedule.

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