Here are a few links from around the web that we’ve been talking about.

How Common Core is killing the textbook

This is how the new national education standard is affecting textbook sales.

“After adopting the new Common Core standards, Berkeley has become one of an increasing number of districts across the country to reject textbooks or workbooks—at least for some classes.”

The most important thing on the internet is the screenshot

Here’s an interesting piece on the increasing importance of screenshots in our lives today. We’ve seen the effect of screenshots in Maine recently, when offensive Facebook posts by Sen. Michael Willette, R-Presque Isle, were captured in screenshots and publicized. The result? Willette lost his committee chair.

“Screenshots can also be almost forensic, a way to prove to others that you’re really seeing the crazy stuff you’re seeing. The first viral hit of the screenshot age was the often-filthy autocorrect errors in SMS. Now screenshots hold people accountable for their terrible online words.”

Politics And Other Mistakes: The ballad of the Hulk

“In the comic-book world of Maine politics, the conservative think tank called the Maine Heritage Policy Center has often played the role of Dr. Bruce Banner, the tortured soul whose body harbors a gamma-ray-created monster called the Incredible Hulk. Portrayed by Republican Gov. Paul LePage.”

Will employer-sponsored health insurance fade away?

“Within a few years, an immigrant much like me, arriving in the United States, will be able to pick the plan that suits his family and get the same tax breaks of subsidies whichever plan he chooses. His employer will handle the paperwork and send his premium payments off to his chosen plan — but not control his choices.”

Dan MacLeod

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