In Loving Memory Of
Dec 22, 1907 – Apr 4, 1997
Dearie, I miss your smiling face, and all the good times we shared. A couple examples: Coon hunting, volunteering at different places, snowshoeing, etc. When I go to, or go through Augusta, I always try to make it a point to stop at your final resting place and sing to “U.” Again, thanks for being a wonderful husband, father and grandfather!
Love, Dearie

Dad, “You were a most honorable husband, father and grandfather, who walked the talk.” We all miss you dearly, but know you now enjoy the quiet life, sun filled days and a perfect peace at home with God, yet you will be forever missed and loved, but you are now in a better place called Heaven.”
Daughter, Jeanette

Dear Dad, “Memories never fade.” Mom is doing the writing. This is from Gaetane and Me. I remember many days things had to be done by me, but sometimes I would get caught sitting under a shade tree reading. Thanks for everything you did for me. I really miss you, but “memories never fade.” Love, son Charlie, also your daughter-in-law Gaetane

Dear Dad, “Rest In Peace.” Someday we’ll all rest in peace just like “U.” I really miss you Dad. It was mom’s idea to do this. Also, she did the writing, etc. Now I realize how hard it was for you before we had a mother who was always there for us.
Love, daughter, Mary

Dear Dad, I realize now that you cannot hear these words, but whoever reads the memories in the Bangor Daily News will recognize the meanings. Thanks for my sisters, brothers and our stay-home mother. Some of my didn’t friends have a parent who was always home for the children. Although it was that for different reasons.
Love son, Tillman

I needed a place to call home. On December 16, 1964, John and Mary Hunter accepted me into their home as their third daughter when I was five and a half years old. After the social worker left me at my new home I said, “Mary, I have never seen a mother like you, but will you be my mother?” Dad I have made many choices but thank you for all you did for me and my love for you as the only father that I ever knew. Thanks Dad.
Third daughter, Love, Janet