BELFAST, Maine — Police said it was lucky no one was injured Saturday afternoon when a driver trying to park her car on Main Street accidentally jumped the sidewalk and slammed into the Home Supply Center hardware store.

Officer Tom Ballard of the Belfast Police Department said that Nancy Boyd of Camden, 75, was not sure what happened when she tried to park her 2005 Nissan Altima and ended up lodged in the wall of the building.

The driver was not impaired, Ballard said, and was taken to Waldo County General Hospital to be checked out after the accident.

“She’s OK. No injuries, but a little woozy and not feeling well,” he said, adding that she was shaken up by the incident.

Bystanders and store employees tried to comfort Boyd after the accident.

Ballard said the car could be considered totaled, and the damage to the building won’t be known until an engineer takes a look at it.

“That whole wall is compromised,” he said.

The impact shook up Stephen Bergey, too. The hardware store employee was working outside, close to the outside wall, when the car hit the building.

“I couldn’t figure out what the heck happened,” he said.

The impact knocked down a display of fishing poles and moved a heavy UPS box that was next to the window.

Store owner Eunice Palmer said that it’s not the first time a vehicle has jumped the curb and entered the store, but that she hoped the new, higher curbs would limit the incidences.

“We’ve got that 8-inch curbing now,” she said. “I really thought that was protecting us.”