BANGOR — Bangor Forward is asking residents to complete a brief survey sharing their views on Bangor’s unique assets and what can be done to further the city’s growth in the future. The nonprofit recently teamed up with Husson University’s communication research methods students to conduct the survey.

Bangor Forward is a grassroots, citizen’s initiative led by those who are committed to advancing a bold vision for Bangor’s future.

Bangor Forward is led by Bangor residents Jeff Wahlstrom and George Kinghorn. With a clear

vision in mind, Wahlstrom reached out to Husson professor Melissa Donnelly during the fall

semester in hopes that she could incorporate Bangor Forward into her communication research methods class curriculum. Donnelly welcomed the opportunity for students to get practical, hands on marketing research experience and accepted his proposal.

Students from both Donnelly’s fall and spring semester classes have conducted a series of focus groups and assembled surveys that will help them draw conclusions based on the opinions of residents of Bangor and surrounding communities. The data will be analyzed and educated recommendations will be included in a report that will be entrusted to Bangor Forward.

Responses to the 14-question survey will be collected through April 10. To take the survey, visit