Each week the BDN Maine Outdoors team takes a look at different gear you might need for your next outdoor adventure. For this week’s Gear Bag, we looked at headlamps.

What is it? Headlamps are an essential that Matt Bishop, hard goods buyer at Epic Sports in Bangor, recommends having if you like adventuring in the evening and night hours.

Why do I need it? Living in Maine, we experience long periods of darkness, and having a headlamp handy will allow you to continue your adventure safely into the night. Headlamps are not only good while hiking, running and boating, but they can be used in power outages. They also are helpful in situations (such as changing your taillights at night!) where hands-free lighting is handy.

How much does it cost? Headlamps can range from $25 for a basic lamp and can go all the way up to $150 for a lamp with more lumens — a measurement of brightness — and additional settings.

Where do I find it? These are available locally, at Epic Sports in downtown Bangor, Cadillac Mountain Sports and other sporting goods stores pretty much everywhere.

Ashley Conti

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