How do you connect with older family members and friends? What do you do for fun? We asked you to share your activities and anecdotes as part of the piece “Ending isolation: Here’s a way to connect, protect Maine elders.”

Check out these three great responses:

— “Volunteering at the theatre…ushering, etc. Many times with a friend. Then out to Governor’s restaurant afterwards.”

— “One word — caregiving — and it comes in many forms. I am 68 myself but in fairly good health. I have an 87-year-old neighbor whose wife passed away 6 or so years ago. I check on him almost daily, but it’s more than just calling and asking if he is okay. In fact I rarely do that. I walk over to his house; knock and step inside, shouting, ‘It’s me!’ Now he knows who ‘me’ is of course. He says ‘come on in.’ I proceed to his living room where is usually sitting down in his easy chair.”

— “My husband who is 81 and has mild cognitive loss and Parkinsonism (not Parkinson’s Disease) and I, 73, share many meals with friends — usually lunch. We are going to an overnight with friends who are basketball crazy as we are — for the final NCAA men’s game. We are, of course … older.”

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Photo courtesy of J.R./Flickr/Creative Commons
Photo courtesy of J.R./Flickr/Creative Commons
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