ALLAGASH, Maine — Residents in this tiny community 35 miles west of Fort Kent are reporting a 3- to 4-mile long ice jam on the St. John River stretching from the bridge up the head of the so-called “big rapids.”

“The ice was jammed, and water from the [St. John River] was across the road early this morning at the old Dickey Trading Post,” local resident Darlene Kelly Dumond said Thursday morning. “The water has gone back now, and they cleared the ice out from the road.”

Residents are keeping a close eye on the jam, according to Dumond, and expect it to start running sometime Thursday or Friday.

“I’ve talked to some of our old-timers, and they are telling me they have never seen the ice stacked up so high before,” Dumond said. “We are ‘ice jam day’ today, [and] we are all on alert.”

The National Weather Service in Caribou has posted a flood warning for northwest Aroostook County through 3:15 p.m. Thursday and warned of possible flooding along Dickey and in Allagash.

On Thursday morning, the Maine Department of Transportation Web camera at the St. John Bridge near Dickey showed the ice jam.

A flood warning also was in effect in eastern Aroostook County, where an ice jam on the Aroostook River prompted the Maine Department of Transportation to close Grimes Road where it becomes North Caribou Road at the Fort Fairfield-Caribou town line early Wednesday evening.

Ice jams were reported in the Aroostook River and Little Madawaska River, according to the weather service Wednesday evening.

On Thursday morning, Dumond said residents were reporting ice also was starting to jam up in the St. John River in the town of St. Francis.

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