PORTLAND, Maine — A former Portland police officer, drug investigator and Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office investigator will serve 60 days in jail and pay $159,000 in restitution after being convicted Friday of felony theft.

Bruce Chase, 63, of Naples was convicted of Class B theft and Class D misuse of entrusted property, according to a release from Cumberland County District Attorney Stephanie Anderson. He will serve two years probation following the jail term.

Chase served on the Portland Police Department, was a Maine Drug Enforcement Agency agent and internal affairs investigator for the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

Chase suggested to a trusted friend and family member that she give him power of attorney over her finances following the death of her husband in 2008, according to Anderson.

“Chase stated that he wanted to honor [the husband’s] wishes that she be taken care of,” Anderson wrote. “Within a month, Chase had power of attorney and over a four-year period diverted close to $160,000 of her money to his own personal use.”

In early 2014, the woman discovered she only had about $2,000 left, and reported the theft to police while filing with the city of Portland for public assistance. According to Anderson, the woman’s house almost went into foreclosure.

Portland Police Detective Kelly Gorham investigated the case, uncovering “multiple intricate schemes and numerous and commingled accounts” that filled 19 5-inch binders.

Cumberland County Assistant District Attorney Tracy Gorham (no relation) prosecuted the case with the assistance of the county’s financial director, Alex Kimball.

Anderson described the case as “a mammoth undertaking,” and credited Kelly Gorham with “dogged determination.” The prosecution agreed with “the very low jail sentence” in exchange for restitution to the victim.

“Bruce Chase had a duty as a power of attorney to protect [the victim’s] financial interest,” Tracy Gorham said in the release. “He violated that duty in the most reprehensible of ways by stealing and squandering her money. As a friend of 40 years and a former law enforcement officer, he knew better.”

In a statement to the district attorney’s office, the Portland Police Department said, “We are pleased that the victim has received full compensation in the form of restitution and wish to thank the district attorney’s office for all their hard work and dedication. Detective Kelly Gorham worked tirelessly to ensure justice was served. She spent months reviewing and analyzing financial records. The success of this case was due to the close partnership with the prosecutor.”