HERMON — Levant’s Shane Tatro hasn’t raced for points at Hermon’s Speedway 95 since 2005 when he lost the Super Streets title by one point to Bradley’s Deane Smart.

“Deane and I still talk about that. That was a good time. We had fun. There were a lot of cars in that division,” said Tatro who returned to run for points in the Sportsman class on opening night at Speedway 95 Saturday night and took the checkered flag.

Tatro had been running in the Pro All-Stars Series’s Sportsman class but he said “there were no cars left” so he returned to Speedway 95 this season.

“I live 20 minutes from here so it’s a lot easier to get my wife and kids over here to watch me race rather than go all over New England,” said Tatro who was locked in a battle with Skowhegan’s Kris Matchett until one of Matchett’s tires went flat.

“I caught a break. Kris’ car was definitely faster than mine,” said Tatro. “He had the car to beat.”

The two duelled on a pair of restarts. Matchett got the better of Tatro on the first restart but Tatro regained the lead on the second restart before Matchett’s rear tire went flat.

Dean Clements of Brooks was second and 15-year-old Trey Brown of Winterport was third in his Sportsman class debut after winning the Stars of Tomorrow division a year ago thanks to five wins in seven races. Matchett and Mike Overlock of Franklin rounded out the top five.

“It was a pretty fun race,” said Brown who was driving his father Fred’s race car. “I raced it at Wiscasset last weekend but I couldn’t see very well. We adjusted the seat and things went pretty well tonight.”

Tatro said having only six cars was “very frustrating” but added it’s always nice to win and he hopes the car counts will improve.

There were approximately 900 fans, which pleased office manager and head scorer Kim Baker Allen but there were just 34 cars in the four divisions.

“That is a concern,” admitted Allen, who noted that the chilly temperatures may have played into the low car count.

As a result of the low car count, Speedway 95 owner Del Merritt announced that anyone who attended the race could get $5 off their next ticket if they bring their ticket stub from Saturday’s race to the next race they attend.

There were only four cars in the track’s top class: the Late Models.

Harrington’s Andrew McLaughlin cruised to a comfortable victory in the Late Models followed by Old Town’s Dylan Street, Bradley Smart of Bradley and defending points champ Brenton Parritt of Steuben, who had car problems and had to take his car to the pits for several laps.

The 13-year-old Street was making his debut in the class after moving up from the Sport-4s where he was second in points last year.

“The car was really good,” said McLaughlin. “I was disappointed more cars didn’t come out. I’m not sure where everybody is. Maybe it’s just a little too early. Hopefully, we’ll have at least 10 next week.”

McLaughlin praised Street and Smart.

Smart was racing in his father Deane’s car before he heads to Fort Jackson, South Carolina, where he will begin a four-year stint in the U.S. Army next week.

“I was happy to see Dylan in a Late Model. For a 13-year-old, that’s a big accomplishment,” said McLaughlin. “And I can’t thank Bradley enough for serving our country. It means a lot to me that he is willing to put his own life at risk for his country. I hope he enjoys it and takes a lot from it and I can’t wait to see him back here in four years.”

“I wanted to do something with my life that would not only benefit me but benefit others, also,” said the 22-year-old Smart. “Hopefully, I’ll be back here someday and I’m hoping to see my father still in his car when I come home.”

Andrew Crosby of Hermon cruised to a comfortable win in the Sport-4s.

“My car was awesome,” said Crosby who was followed across the finish line by Alton’s Chris Carroll, 15-year-old Dustan Durrell of Newburgh, Karry Holland of Jonesboro and John Craig from Masardis.

“I was running on used tires,” said Carroll. “I bought some new ones today and I’ll put them on next week. Hopefully, we’ll be faster.”

Hampden’s Travis Beale notched an impressive win in the Street Stocks followed by Holden’s Keith Ogden, Jeff Willette of Presque Isle, Greg Pung from Franklin and Jeff Alley from Machias.

Beale was racing for the first time in his Chevy Camaro.

“I couldn’t ask for a better car. Chuck Hall adjusted it perfectly for me,” said Beale. “Halfway through the race, my back went numb and I didn’t have any feelings in my legs [because of my seat]. But I hung on. I had to do some adjusting.”

Ogden had to rebuild his car after a late-season wreck last year.

“It was a little better than I expected. I’m happy with second,” said Ogden.