BIDDEFORD, Maine — Residents called for the Biddeford mayor to step aside after a city meeting got heated Tuesday night. Dozens spoke out and accused former Biddeford police officers of sexual abuse.

Everyone that gave public comment Tuesday night asked the council and Mayor Alan Casavant to suspend the police chief and deputy chief immediately. By the end of the two-hour session, people were asking for the mayor to step down, too.

Chaos erupted after dozens of people pleaded for Biddeford Police Chief Roger Beaupre and Deputy Chief Joanne Fisk to be suspended. The request came after several men came forward saying they were sexually abused by former Biddeford police officers.

The mayor acknowledged the accusations against the two former officers but said he and the council cannot comment on any ongoing investigations. The Maine Attorney General’s office has confirmed they’re investigating at least one former officer.

According to the alleged victims, the former officers worked under Chief Beaupre. At Tuesday’s meeting, many alleged victims said they feel intimidated and that the chief and deputy chief must step aside in order to make the investigation fair.

Chief Beaupre and Deputy Chief Fisk, who weren’t at Tuesday’s meeting, told CBS 13, “We cannot comment on ongoing investigations.”

The City Council went into executive session Tuesday night to discuss the matter.