Each week the BDN Maine Outdoors team takes a look at different gear you might need for your next outdoor adventure. For this week’s Gear Bag, we looked at bikes.

What is it? Giant Roam 3 and the Giant Rove 2 are both hybrid bikes that Peter Richmond, general manager at Ski Rack, recommends for anyone looking for a bike this season.

Why do I need it? Hybrid bikes are meant for people who will do both a little trail riding and a little road riding. They have the same tire size as a road bike but have more aggressive tires for trails. The Giant bikes have a front suspension that allows for a smoother ride on trails, but also can be locked, allowing a more rigid ride for roads. The Roam 3 is 24-speed and the Rove 2 is a 27-speed. The Roam 3 comes with standard rim brakes while the Rove 2 comes with hydraulic disc brakes. Disc brakes work better on wet and muddy conditions and allow you to stop quicker in general.

How much does it cost? The Giant Roam 3 is $429.99. The Giant Rove 2 is $599.

Where do I find it? Giant bikes are available at Ski Rack in Bangor.

Ashley Conti

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