VEAZIE, Maine — The proposed school budget for the coming school year will move ahead to a public hearing next week without the reduction requested by town councilors.

Superintendent Rick Lyons said Wednesday that the school board on Monday night unanimously reaffirmed its $4,248,289 budget proposal.

While the proposed budget is $7,215 lower than this year’s budget, it calls for about $201,000 more in local funding than this year’s level, which was $2,714,263, Lyons said. That, he said, is in large part because of Veazie’s loss of $213,106 in state funding.

“To help offset that loss, we increased the fund balance from this year’s level of $310,000 to $355,000, arriving at a local assessment in the proposed budget of $2,915,324,” he said.

Town councilors last month directed school officials to flat fund the local share of the budget, which would have required a reduction of about $201,000.

“I presented a proposal to the school committee, and they saw the significance of that,” he said. “As a result, they felt that the cuts were far too severe and really eroded the integrity of the school and chose not to embrace those recommended cuts and left the budget as is,” Lyons said.

Lyons said earlier that school officials already have eliminated a classroom teaching position, the equivalent of two ed tech posts, the curriculum stipend and contingency funding for one out-of-district placement.

In order to reach the council’s directive for flat funding, school officials likely would have had to eliminate another classroom teacher, another ed tech, roughly the equivalent of a speech therapist position, the middle school foreign language program and instrumental music program and three sports or clubs.

“We discussed some other scenarios because this was my recommendation, but we came back to the same scenario of that’s too severe, and we’re going to stay with the budget as is,” he said.

The proposed school budget, along with the municipal spending plan, will be the subject of a public hearing set for 6:30 p.m. Monday.

Town Council Chairwoman Tammy Perry said Thursday that she wasn’t sure what action the council would take with regard to the school budget because members had not met since Monday night’s school board meeting.

She also said that school officials have been aware of the council’s desire for flat funding since January and that she was disappointed that school officials had not looked harder at cutting administrative costs.

Perry said that after the public hearing, the council will finalize warrant articles that voters will decide at the annual town meeting on Tuesday, June 9, she said.