Annie’s Homegrown. Ella’s Kitchen. Earthbound Farm.

The names of these organic brands conjure images of nature, homemade food and small-scale farming.

And that’s probably why they’re now owned by multinational corporations, which are cashing in on the booming $32-billion organic food industry.

A Michigan State University professor compiled a list of all the organic food companies that have been bought by big corporations, the Washington Post reported.

“It’s easier than ever to access to foods and the prices have come down,” said Associate Professor Phil Howard. “On the other hand, there is continual pressure to weaken the national organic standards to increase profits — and the big companies have the clout to do that.”

He’s referring to the National Organic Standards Board, a group that meets semi-annually behind closed doors to compile recommendations for organic standards to the USDA.

Interactive chart by The Washington Post

Dan MacLeod

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