BIDDEFORD, Maine — More people claiming they were sexually abused by former Biddeford police officers continue to come forward.

The sexual abuse allegations are against two former officers. Multiple men have come forward saying they’re victims. “Walk, sleep, and dream abuse just one day and you’ll grasp what I’m saying to you,” Rick Alexander, an alleged victim, said at a public forum Saturday.

“I was brutally, sexually assaulted,” another alleged victim, Larry Ouellette, said. “I continued to work for him being terrified of confronting him for what he did to me.”

Another alleged victim, Matt Lauzon, read what he said is a written statement from a former detective who tried helping him and others. The alleged victims said the statement implicates multiple officials. They claim the officers used to work under Police Chief Roger Beaupre.

Now the alleged victims, and some residents, are calling for Biddeford’s police chief and deputy chief to step down.

“It seems to me that the leadership is enabling this,” Fred Staples of Biddeford said.

Elected officials, including state senators, representatives and city councilors are demanding answers, too.

The Maine attorney general’s office says an investigation is under way. CBS 13 reached out to the Biddeford Police Department, but has not received a response.

Lauzon said he is scheduled to meet with Gov. Paul LePage later this week.