BANGOR — Thanks to a partnership between the Bangor Historical Society and the Bangor Band, a century old piece of Bangor’s musical history has come home.

A drum used by the Bangor Band beginning in the 1880s was discovered recently at an auction house in Massachusetts and the two organizations have worked together to purchase the relic and return it to the Queen City.

The drum will become a part of the Bangor Historical Society’s collection.

In March, the board of directors at the Bangor Historical Society received a call from the president of the Bangor Band saying that the drum had been spotted on an online auction page. Representatives from the Bangor Band knew that their organization lacked the funding to purchase the drum as well as the means to properly preserve and protect it. That’s where the Bangor Historical Society stepped in.

“The Bangor Band is an important part of the city’s history and we’re happy to be able to bring this piece of its 156-year legacy home,” BHS Executive Director Melissa Gerety said. “When they asked if we could help, we said ‘yes’ without hesitation.”

Bangor Band legend says the drum was lost or stolen after a performance in the Boston area sometime after 1928. But the drum was never forgotten.

“As soon as we got word that it was located and available, we knew we had to get it back,” Bangor Band President Lori Wingo said. “Partnering with the Bangor Historical Society to do so is a great match for us.”

Wingo and her team did copious research to be certain the drum was the same one lost so many years ago. The Bangor Historical Society then provided the funding and Wingo drove to Massachusetts to pick up the drum. On Patriot’s Day, Wingo presented it to the Bangor Historical Society.

The two organizations have a number of events planned for the summer season that will allow the public to view the drum.

For information on the return of the Bangor Band drum, the Bangor Band or the Bangor Historical Society, contact the Bangor Historical Society at 942-1900 or