EASTPORT, Maine — City councilors have asked the school district to rework its portion of the proposed budget in order to avoid any tax increase for local residents.

The district is being asked to reduce its $2,478,000 budget proposal by $107,577, according to Eastport City Manager Elaine Abbott and Eastport City Council President Mary Repole.

Repole said councilors asked the school district “to adjust [the budget] any way they want to. We don’t have the right to ask them to adjust specific line items. … All we can do is give them a number.”

The councilor said that Abbott had worked really hard to keep the municipal budget in check.

“Elaine has taken a hatchet to the [city] budget,” said Repole Tuesday.

“Nobody likes to raise taxes,” Abbott said. “Certainly when I was doing my budget, I was aiming for the same thing.”

Repole said that when the proposed school budget is added to the $2,491,000 proposed city budget, it comes to a total of $4,969,000. Last year the two budgets — city and school — combined for a total budget of $4,943,000.

Eastport School Department Superintendent Kenneth Johnson said he will meet with the Eastport School Board for the first time on May 20.

Johnson, who started his job May 1 following the retirement of former Superintendent Jim Underwood, said Monday he is not yet familiar with the the proposed budget because he is so new at his job.

“I’ve been trying to get myself up to speed,” he said. “I hesitate to say anything based on projections.”

However, he did say he is waiting for an audit report from the City of Eastport to tell him how much money is left over from last year.

“Once the audit has established how much is left from the previous year … there may be funds I can use to offset costs,” he said.

Abbott said the city is several months behind with the audit because the former auditor resigned and “it took some time” to find a replacement.

She didn’t have a date but said she expects the audit report will be filed soon.