BANGOR, Maine — The City Council will consider Monday whether to demolish a house at 44 Patten St. that was gutted by fire nearly two years ago.

The council’s business and economic development committee recommended Tuesday that the full council consider declaring the building dangerous and an order for its demolition.

The city gave the owner and all others with an interest in the property, including several lenders, 120 days to rehabilitate the property in September.

“All have failed to do so, and recent efforts to reach the owners have been unsuccessful,” Assistant City Solicitor Paul Nicklas said.

Municipal tax records identify the owner as Twilaa Butler.

Fire gutted the structure in July 2014. Earlier in the year, city inspectors found a homemade coal-fired furnace in the basement and placarded the building as unfit for human habitation.

The council will hold a public hearing on the issue immediately before its decision at 7:30 p.m. Monday. If the council approves the demolition, Nicklas said, the owner and other parties will be notified again and given 30 days to appeal.

City Manager Cathy Conlow said if everything works as planned, the building could come down by Sept. 1.

Nicklas was not sure of the cost of the demolition but said a lien would be placed on the property to recover the cost.

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