Prepare to salivate, Bangor. The Family Dog in Orono, known for it’s family-friendly atmosphere and one-of-a-kind “street food” menu has unveiled two new food trucks that will make their debut in coming weeks.

The Stray Dog and Grammy’s Grilled Cheeses and Melts will offer specialities such as a chicken alfredo bomb, a sandwich bursting with chicken, broccoli, bacon and fresh mozzarella smothered in alfredo sauce, alongside classics such as the chili cheese hot dog.

Owner Bob Cutler said The Stray Dog spent a few days out at the Kmart parking lot on Hogan Road in Bangor last week, but it will officially open either Thursday or Friday after it comes back from the detailing shop.

The restaurant will debut the Grammy’s truck at Bangor’s Beer Festival, scheduled for June 20.

The Stray Dog menu is a stripped down version of the well-known offerings at the brick and mortar restaurant in downtown Orono. The Grammy’s truck, an ode to Cutler’s grandmothers and a “dear aunt,” will feature classic and specialty grilled cheese sandwiches and melts. Menu offerings include a “Caprese Grilled Cheese” with tomatoes, pesto spread and fresh mozzarella and signature “melts” such as the “Nana’s,” a buffalo chicken and macaroni and cheese with bacon melt.

Cutler said customers should look for even more unique items on the trucks in the coming months as he hopes they’ll allow his chefs more creative freedom. He also is open to making changes as he receives feedback from staff and regulars, whom he calls “loyal dogs.”

“I have a very talented staff, and they’ve been coming to me with ideas, and I’m saying, ‘Let’s try it on the stray,’ because it gives you a lot of flexibility,” Cutler said.

Both trucks will be taking the place of the well-known Cielo’s taco truck, which closed last fall after three years at the Kmart lot. However, Cutler said he wishes owner Kirsten Pilot was still operating there because the lime green truck drew people to the area.

“Am I glad she’s gone, no. Success breeds success. But hopefully our goodwill with the customers we have here [in Orono] will help,” he said.

Because food trucks in Bangor don’t have to pay property tax, Cutler plans on donating a portion of every dollar to local charities. The Stray Dog will benefit the First Tee Program, which works to promote life skills through the game of golf. The Grammy’s truck will benefit the Downtown Bangor Arts Collaborative.

The Stray Dog also will host a “celebrity chef” every Tuesday who will be able to choose a Bangor charity of their choice to receive 10 percent of the proceeds from that day.

“Hopefully we can do our part to offset budget restrictions,” Cutler said of the donations.

In the meantime, he’s having fun brainstorming with staff about new ideas.

“There will be some things that are a little exotic on the palate, but others are going to be comforting,” Cutler said.

The Stray Dog will be open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Follow the truck on Twitter (@thestraydogme), on Instagram (@straydogtruck) and using the hashtag #foundmystraydog.

Natalie Feulner is a journalist and “semi-crunchy” cloth diapering momma to a rambunctious toddler named after a county in California. She drinks too much tea and loves to climb rocks but not at the...