CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine — Cape Elizabeth voters on June 9 approved a $23.5 million school budget, which has no tax increase over the current year, but said it was too low.

Residents approved the budget 635-236, with 363 voters saying it was too low, 274 saying it was too high, and 231 saying it was acceptable. The flat tax budget was a source of controversy between the School Board and Town Council when the original budget was cut.

The School Board’s proposed budget of $23.6 million was cut by the Town Council on May 11. Despite alternate options presented by the School Board, councilors voted 4-3 to have a flat tax rate.

Although there will be no tax increase, the school budget approved Tuesday had an increase of $296,000, or 1.3 percent, over the current year.

Cape Elizabeth reported a voter turnout of 11 percent.