Recycling materials sit in single-sort bins, waiting to be picked up in Orono in June 2014.

Do you know what to throw in your recycling bin?

It’s been almost a year since Bangor adopted zero-sort recycling.

Other areas of the state implemented the pay-as-you-throw program, now almost five years old in some communities.

Since 2010, Brewer residents have had to purchase special orange trash bags imprinted with the city’s logo for their trash to be picked up. These bags cost $1.25 for a 15-gallon bag and $2 for a 33-gallon bag.

So to cut costs on trash bags and to take full advantage of the zero-sort program, you should know what exactly can be recycled.

How well do you know recyclable items? Test your knowledge:

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Data about what items to recycle from Casella, a waste processing plant that services many Maine municipalities.  Photo of plastic bags by carrier_bags from Flickr. Photo of clothing by Steven Clarke from Flickr.  Photo of styrofoam cups  by Ellie from Flickr. Photo of paper towels by Mike Mozart from Flickr. All Flickr photos used by CC license.