SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — Jeweler G.M. Pollack & Sons is going out of business after almost 60 years in business in Maine and New Hampshire, according to CBS 13.

The company has gradually closed its 12 stores, consolidating down to five earlier this month. As of Thursday, it had closed all locations, except for its South Portland store, where employees said they are working to get repaired and ordered items to customers.

“I know it’s been late, things are not on time, people are frustrated, but we just want to make it right,” store manager Julie Grover said, adding business has been tough for the last several years. “We’ve been trying to make things work, but unfortunately we have to go out of business.”

Gerald M. Pollack and his wife Perle started the store in Portland in 1955 and had stores around the state at the beginning of this year.

The jeweler closed a downtown Bangor location in 2009 and shuttered another location at the Bangor Mall earlier this year when it consolidated to locations in South Portland, Waterville, Sanford, Ellsworth and Rockland.

In early June, the company posted to its Facebook page in response to customer questions about warranties on jewelry that they did not intend to close all of their locations, advertising consolidation sales at five stores.

“We have no plans on closing additional locations, so the warranties remain intact,” a representative of the company wrote in a June 2 post.

Grover on Thursday told CBS 13 that warranties will not stay in effect once the store closes.

“Unfortunately, because we are going out of business, there is no longer a company,” Grover said.

Customers showing up Thursday had questions and concerns.

“I’m wondering, you know, how my diamond is going to be warrantied for life if they’re going out of business,” customer Tammy Doe said.

Customer Chelsea Foley said she was disappointed about her warranty ending.

“Now, moving forward, if something should happen to my ring, it’s not covered, which is a little stressful,” customer Chelsea Foley said.

Grover said she will stay at the store until all of the remaining orders and repairs are handled.

“My personal goal is to make sure everything’s taken care of before I’m gone,” she said.

Customers from any store location are urged to visit the South Portland location or call 773-2901 for assistance.

According to the company’s website, it was family owned until 2009 when the Pollack family sold the company to its employees, which it said made it the first employee-owned jewelry chain in the state.

Darren Fishell

Darren is a Portland-based reporter for the Bangor Daily News writing about the Maine economy and business. He's interested in putting economic data in context and finding the stories behind the numbers.